Embroidery on the uniform


Embroidery on school uniforms

As always, just before the start of the school year, school assemblies bring up the issue of school The child's form and how it should be properly documentedWhere to order a school emblem as a patch. Where to order the school emblem in the form of patches on school clothes. After all, it is not just about identifying a pupil to a given school, but also about developing a team spirit and unity. We can help you here! 

You need to get outget along with the layout, the drawing emblems. Organise into an action group and order for the whole class.  

You can visit our office at 18 Narvsky pr., room 401, from 12-18h. Or г. Peterhof Ave. St. Petersburg ave. 60 lit. Yu. from 10-18h. On weekdays. And can you email the layout to office@zig-zag.spb.ru  We'll look at it, assess it, offer materials, If you are happy with it, we will carry out the order.  

We look forward to seeing you in our offices and on the website: zigzag-24.ru. 

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