Custom embroidery

Our team has been involved in embroidery production for 25 years. Bespoke embroidery on clothing in St Petersburg is ideal for the purpose: Applying logos, images and other symbols to fabric. The application takes place on different types of clothing, fabrics and jeans. The advantage of this is its long service life. The prints applied by our craftsmen do not fade or burn out.

Embroidery has many advantages! Let's highlight the most compelling benefits of this application by describing each one:

  • Accuracy. Compared to handmade work, an embroidery machine never makes mistakes. All the stitches in the resulting pattern will be as even as possible. At the end of the job, the result is a stylish and flawless design.
  • Any complexity. Modern embroidery machines are flexible, you can make a large-scale drawing from a photo, a beautiful landscape or simply put a logo on your clothes. In this way, you can give a nice gift to your loved ones.
  • Speed of operation. The speed of an embroidery machine is hundreds of times faster than a human embroidery machine. Our machines can handle any order in a short time, no matter how large.
  • Durability. We use modern threads that are permanently attached to the fabric. They are treated with a special compound, so they won't burn out in the sun or shed when washed, so the embroidery on your clothes will last a very long time.
  • A large selection of shades. We use a huge palette of threads, you can create a very bright and lush picture with neat shades.

We work with both wholesale and retail customers!

The minimum order in our company is 10 units of embroidery! However, single orders are possible under special conditions! All information you can find out from our manager by phone:

8 (921) 902-48-20 or by post:

Scheme of work

The work begins with layout approvalsThe programmer translates your task into a beautiful design for the embroidery machine, and selects the threads and colour palette. Adjustments are made and your wishes voiced, then the layout is 'handed over' to the machine shop. We set up the machine, hoop the desired fabric and start the embroidery machine.

Before launching the entire batch, we always make a test sample. If you are completely satisfied with the design and the chosen thread shades, we will proceed. If you find any imperfections, our designer will correct the layout and we will re-launch the test batch.

Embroidery is done on the following fabrics: velvet, denim, suede, velour, silk, linen, cotton, knitwear. The fabric itself will not be damaged or torn when the logo is applied. You can trust us with your favourite T-shirt or any other item of clothing. We can embroider the logo on branded clothing, decorate the polo-shirt with a football team sign or apply a warm inscription on a plush toy. Please contact us, no task is impossible for our company!




Individual retail orders from 5 pieces.


For rush orders, we can make it all in 1-2 days


We work with almost any material


We have low prices and excellent quality


Our production was established in 1994


Do you have an idea? We can help you realise it

Tailor-made embroidery

We embroider emblems, logos, on almost any garment to a special order or according to materials provided by the customer. Simple outline designs, inscriptions and intricate patterns. We create all according to your idea. We realize wholesale production, as well as individual retail orders (minimum circulation - 5 pcs.). We do not take a commission for the project. Our company works in St. Petersburg and the region, most applications are accepted online. Finished products are sent by post or courier.

Popular questions

Maximum embroidery size?

The maximum scale of the working field is 400×380 mm. Provided the nature of the image allows the size to be increased (depends on the number of repetitions in which continuity is achieved), the drawing may be larger.

What are the discounts for bulk orders?

If you have a print run of 100 copies or more, the programme is free. From 400 copies - 10% discount, from 1000 copies - 15%!

Is it necessary to have your own material?

You don't have to! There are dozens of lush shades in our fabric collection! The Italian-made material has a fine rubbing pattern that allows every detail to be worked in.

Is the programme free when you apply again?

Yes. If no changes are made. The programme is stored in our database, which means when you reapply you will see all the data on it: development date, thread palette, wishes and changes.

What affects the final cost?

The price depends on the size and detail of the design, as well as the complexity of the work. The backing on which the design is embroidered also plays an important role here: if a special foil is required to suppress irregularities, the price will be higher.

What is the maximum logo size for baseball caps?

The maximum size of the logo on a baseball cap (as far as the forehead is concerned) is 100×55 mm. An image of up to 35×35 mm can be embroidered on the side.

What is the minimum batch?

There is a minimum of 5 pieces. It does not incur an additional charge, but by contributing it, you can embroider one unit.

Is it possible to reduce the production time?

Yes. You have to contribute 50% of the price of the entire order.

With orders of 100 pieces or more, the programme is free!

An offer for our wholesale customers and regular partners! The cost of the programme is always calculated individually based on the customer's needs! It is created once for a given sketch, its range is usually 500-5000 roubles! With a large order, the programme comes as a gift! We are interested in making sure our customers are satisfied! You can get all the information from our manager on the phone:

✆ 8 (921) 902-48-20 or by post: ✉

Prices in examples

Let us show you what the final price of a particular embroideryso that you can understand how our pricing system works. It takes 2-3 days to develop a programme. If the image is complex, with great detail and dimensions - timescales are individual. All details to be negotiated with the manager.

Custom embroidery 21

"Vulk" - designed for embroidery on leatherette. Size - 194x143mm. The programme costs 700 roubles. The cost of the product - 398.93 rubles. Work with 20 pcs. will take 2-3 days, 100 pcs. - 4-5 days.

Custom embroidery 22

"3horses" is an artistic embroidery on a blended fabric with fine ribbing. Size - 173x243 mm. Programme - 4000 roubles. Item - 979.56 rubles/piece. Party of 20 pcs. 3-4 days. On a party of 100 pieces. we require - 7-8 working. days.

Custom embroidery 23

"Adamovo" work is made on polo shirts. Size - 110x17 mm. Programme 350 RUB. Item - 86.79 rubles/piece. Production of 100 pieces. - 4-5 days.

Custom embroidery 24

"Sportg" - made for fleece waistcoats. Size - 120x72 mm. Programme cost - 500 roubles. Product price - 172.33 rubles/each. Production of 20 pcs. - 3-4 days, if 100 pieces - 5-6 days.

Custom embroidery 25

"Sto_sp" - the programme is made for blended fabric items. Size - 150x108 mm. Programme - 500 rbl. Cost of product - 226.65 rubles/piece. Party of 20 pcs. - 2-3dn. Production time for 100 units. - 5-6d.

Custom embroidery 26

"Tvtv_pl" - made on plaids. Image size - 150x30mm. Programme - 400 roubles. Item - 104.44 rubles. Party of 20 pcs. we need 2-3 days, 100 pcs. - 3-4 days.

How to enquire

You need to choose a sketch and the size of the design, then fill in the form on our website. Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found under "Order embroidery"! If you encounter any difficulties, you can always consult our manager.

Custom embroidery 27

Select image

Once you have chosen a sketch, you need to decide on its size and shape.

Custom embroidery 28

Choose a base

The substrate (or underlying material) will determine how the product behaves when applied.

Custom embroidery 29

Call us

If you have already chosen your embroidery options, give us a call to discuss all the details!

Please note that we do not repair clothes!

We make patches (chevrons) and embroider on garments according to a sketch provided. If you ask us to fix a 'hole' in your garment by patting it up with something, we can't do that.

Based on the range of services required for your order, the price of the embroidery is calculated individually. To estimate the cost, send us a sketch of the design, the desired size, quantity (copies) and your personal recommendation for the work!

If necessary, we make chevrons. The logo on clothing can be embroidered on: cut details, T-shirts, caps, hats, etc. Please note that it is not possible to embroider on the pockets, as the item will lose its functionality.

Our yarns do not shed or fade from sunlight or washing. Your favourite pattern retains its appearance, doesn't warp and lasts longer than the product itself!

We carry out work of any complexity - on your favourite clothesto works of art on textiles for furniture factories and fashion designers.

The turnaround time will not exceed 7 days. A 50% surcharge will speed up the job and a 100% surcharge will get it done the same day.

Call us during office hours Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00 on the phone:
8 (921) 902-48-20
✆ 8 (812) 420-65-23

We are located at:

  • 18 Narva Avenue, office 401
  • 60 St. Petersburg Prospect, lit. Yu, 3rd floor