Machine embroidery for your company

Machine embroidery for your company 1
Unusual application of embroidery

What machine embroidery is and how we create it

Embroidery on clothing is the noblest art of embellishment. It consists of creating designs on fabric by means of machine embroidery. At Zig Zag Ltd. our work is done on modern embroidery machines made in Japan. We sell embroidery on ready-made garments in cooperation with garment manufacturers. This type of decoration is exceptionally durable. Resistant to washing and use, it can be successfully placed on all fabrics. It is extremely durable - it won't fray or chafe, while retaining its vibrant colours and durability.




Promoting the brand with a corporate logo


We can quickly embroider many thousands of copies


The embroidery is clear and visible from afar


We work on modern Japanese machines


Our experts have been working since 1994


No sketch? We can help you decide on a design


You can have your pattern, lettering or just your logo embroidered. Embroidery on clothing requires a great deal of experience in designing and taking into account the many elements that will lead to the expected effect. For example, determining the yarn density, fabric base and size are important factors. Our company Zig Zag Ltd. has many years of experience in the creation of various symbols on almost any garment. We offer you a comprehensive offer from the creation of the design to the final production of high-quality merchandise.

The advantage of our offer is fast and high quality implementation. The entire production process takes place in our embroidery factory located in St. Petersburg. We have a full range of coloured threads. The high quality of our orders is evidenced by the fact that in our company we create also embroidery on workwearThe fabric retains its aesthetic qualities perfectly, despite being exposed to high washing temperatures.

How to enquire

You need to choose a sketch and the size of the design, then fill in the form on our website. Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found under "Order embroidery"! If you encounter any difficulties, you can always consult our manager.


Customer feedback on our work

Machine embroidery for your company 23
Recommended! Ordered embroidery on t-shirts for a bachelor party, small print run of only 10 pieces, very nice that they took on such a volume, rarely do they take small wholesale. Made good, t-shirt washed a couple of times already, all in place, colour is not faded.
Sergei Ryanichev Client
Machine embroidery for your company 25
Definitely yes. Proven guys, helping out more than once. Large volumes and high quality guaranteed. I work with an office on Narvskaya. Thanks to Yulia. Last time we ordered 100 T-shirts with prints. Thank you for the work you have done.
SpetsOdezhdaPro Ltd. Customer
Machine embroidery for your company 27
The parents "collectively" decided that all the children should have the same uniform. We were given free advice and helped to choose a logo. The quality is excellent, no protruding threads, the logos are bright and even, and after washing they haven't changed colour or look. The guys really liked it!
Eugenia Client

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