Embroidery of flags and coats of arms in St Petersburg

  • Flag (from Dutch: vlag) is a rectangular geometric cloth of different colours. It is a single or multi-coloured cloth with a coat of arms or emblem. It is the official symbol of the state.
  • Coat of arms - A symbolic image, drawn up according to the rules and approved by the authorities and administration. A flag with the coat of arms of a state, city, organisation - as a necessary attribute for defining authority, affiliation.

The symbols on the cloth have a specific meaning. There are about 200 states on the planet with their own symbols, which reflect the history of the state, peculiarities of the country, national traditions. Along with state symbols, there are sport flags, departmental flags, flags with individual design of coat of arms. In this section you can see the coat of arms on the flag of Russia, St. Petersburg, as well as individual symbols of various organizations. When machine embroidery is applied to the fabric, all the requirements for use are maintained, all this makes the product aesthetically beautiful and durable.

As well as coats of arms on flags, we make - pennants, a product that has a long history of use. And for each generation they create a different association. Initially, pennants were used in the navy, mounted on the mast of ships and denoted the state's affiliation. If we take just the Soviet times, we all know how widely they were used in factories to transmit slogans - shock worker, winner of socialist competition. In practically every working room you could see a pennant with the inscription of the leaders, political figures on it. Each product contained a profound sense of patriotism, devotion to their enterprise, organization and Motherland. Along with paper diplomas, it was an encouragement for an employee, worker or servant. The pennant was an important attribute of a sporting competition.

With orders of 100 pieces or more, the programme is free!

An offer for our wholesale customers and regular partners! The cost of the programme is always calculated individually based on the customer's needs! It is created once for a given sketch, its range is usually 500-5000 roubles! With a large order, the programme comes as a gift! We are interested in making sure our customers are satisfied! You can get all the information from our manager on the phone:

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Embroidery of coats of arms and flags

Embroidery on materials such as flags, coats of arms, banners is a complex process that requires not only the availability of appropriate embroidery machines, but also an understanding of the purpose of their decoration. These materials are not only decorations, but sometimes even represent representational roles designed to symbolise ideas, thoughts, beliefs or belonging to certain social groups. The price of each project is therefore set individually. Taking into account the specifics, level of complexity, size and many other factors. To find out exactly how much your flag embroidery will cost, just contact us.

We work with both wholesale and retail customers!

The minimum order in our company is 10 units of embroidery! However, single orders are possible under special conditions! All information you can find out from our manager by phone:

8 (921) 902-48-20 or by post: office@zigzag-24.ru


Today, pennants are used by various companies with their own logo on the product, the so-called corporate pennants. This ensures affiliation, recognition, and emphasis on something. In the tourism business, as a souvenir, depicting a local landmark.

We guarantee that the product will durable, hard-wearing and will not fade. We use GUNOLD embroidery threads that meet the high demands of production. The material can be silk, crepe satin, velvet, synthetic silk or cloth (in assortment). The items may be single-sided or double-sided. We will create a unique work of art on textiles for all our clients! Our experience, allows us to do this work qualitatively. We provide a sample of the work to order, free of charge as a nice bonus.


Here we give the cost of a particular embroidery piece to understand the pricing.

Embroidery of pennants, coats of arms and flags 21

Production of pennant "30_lvip" on crepe satin. Size 278x203 mm. Programme 1500 rubles, Manufacturing - 696 rubles (2 sides). At 20 pc. we need - 3-4 days, 100 pc. - 5-6 working. days.

Embroidery of pennants, coats of arms and flags 22

The pennant is printed on satin fabric. Image size - 176x234 mm. Programme costs 1500 roubles. Job - 606.81 rubles / unit. Party of 20 pieces - 3-4 days. 100 pieces. - 5-7 working days.

Embroidery of pennants, coats of arms and flags 23

"Hmao_t" - work on blended fabric, in size - 135x322 mm. Programme cost - 3000 roubles. Product price - 1 144.57 rubles/each. Party of 20 pcs. - 3-4 days. 100 pcs. - 7-8 workdays.

Embroidery of pennants, coats of arms and flags 24

"Vausz_y" - pennant on crepe paper, one side. Size - 253x311 mm. Programme creation (for 1 side) - 500 rubles. Item - 374.12 rubles/piece. Party of 10 pcs. 3-4 days.

Embroidery of pennants, coats of arms and flags 25

"Vimp_or1" is a double-sided pennant made on green cloth with metallised thread (lurex). Logo on a pennant with the size of 115x212 mm. Production time 20 pcs. - 2-3 days, 100 pcs. - From 3 days.

Embroidery of pennants, coats of arms and flags 26

The logo is designed to be embroidered onto the Gerbbol flag. Size - 600x650 mm. Sewn in several passes, in gold (metallised thread). The cost of the programme - 10 000 rubles. Production time from 3-7 days, production - 9092 rubles.

How to enquire

In order for the order to go through on time and in full understanding of the task, you need to enclose a picture (preferably in vector format), specify the desired dimensions and specify in the letter the material to be used. These points make our work easier and quicker.

Embroidery of pennants, coats of arms and flags 27

Select image

Once you have chosen a sketch, you need to decide on its size and shape.

Embroidery of pennants, coats of arms and flags 28

Choose a base

The substrate (or underlying material) will determine how the product behaves when applied.

Embroidery of pennants, coats of arms and flags 29

Call us

If you have already picked out the parameters, call us to discuss all the details!

Please note that we do not repair clothes!

We make patches (chevrons) and embroider on garments according to a sketch provided. If you ask us to fix a 'hole' in your garment by patting it up with something, we can't do that.


For advice on orderingYou can dial one of our telephone numbers and ask a question. It is more convenient and correct to write us an email with a request and attach the desired layout, drawing or picture. Work with vector image format is the most interesting for us, and the cost to the customer will be many times less.

And if you provide your own material for the flag or pennant, would the cost be significantly reduced?

When using your material, the cost is limited to the use of embroidery thread and our work.

Does the number of thread colours used in embroidery increase the cost?

The time required to embroider the logo increases. As a rule, this is not significant.

Minimum size?

The logo lines should be slightly thicker than the needle - 1 mm. If the logo is made on lint or knitwear, the lines should be thicker for aesthetics and readability.

Is it possible to place an order for one flag or pennant?

Yes, you can, but in this case there will be a price charge for programme development and for individual embroidery - (+50%).

How long does it take to make 100 pennants?

Here you need to consider that in addition to drawing and programme development, an assembly element is added, which increases the time from the start of work to the final stage. The programme usually takes 2-3 days. If the work is voluminous, with a high level of detail, this process can take 4-5 days. The time frame can take 4-5 days.

Popular ordering questions

Is it possible to apply a very large drawing?

Such a question cannot be straightforward, the making of large logos is dealt with individually and depends on the logo itself. When it comes to the embroidery process, yes, we can endlessly match different shaped elements of the same design, even with some loss of precision in the alignment of the elements. But if the nature of the logo requires a pattern or part of a pattern in a closed loop, the largest element will be 380h300mm. The Russian coat of arms can be made in a very large size, splitting the image into many parts, then in the other case there may be limitations.

Is embroidery on a piece more expensive than cutting work?

Yes, it is cheaper to embroider on the cut than on the finished product as it is more convenient to work on a single piece of cut or fabric.

Do you do applique?

Yes, we do.

Please tell me, how important is it for you to know the quality of matter for the products at the design stage of the programme? We can't decide yet.

Specifying the material is very important, because the programme is designed with the parameter of the fabric itself in mind. If it is a thin material, our task is to avoid any creases or gatherings. If the fabric is dense and pile-dense, the use of special techniques, taking into account the quality of the material, allows us to achieve a perfect overlap of the embroidery threads on the surface. Without any knocking out of the lint between them.

What can affect the cost of the work?

The size of the logo, the detailing, the backing (on which the design is applied). For materials with pile or coarse weave knits, a film is applied to suppress unevenness.

Do I have to pay for the programme when I re-apply?

No, the programme is paid for once and is conscientiously kept by us. You can sew new batches using it. When you reapply, all the data on the logo can be seen (date of development, colours used, type of fabric, changes made, etc.)