Embroidery in bulk in St Petersburg

Embroidery in bulk - is the main service in our company, which includes the production of patches (chevrons) from 100 pieces. We mainly work with wholesale customers and businesses. When ordering from 100 pieces we have developed a system of discounts: the cost is reduced, and the program, which initially costs from 500 to 5 thousand rubles goes free! Zig Zag Ltd. offers wholesalers a full range of services in St. Petersburg.




We work on modern embroidery machines


Our Zig Zag production facility was founded in 1994


Embroidery, unlike printing, lasts longer


To be negotiated with each client individually


We stick to our agreed deadlines


The quality of the logo is our strong suit

Wholesale embroidery production

The easiest thing to do is to make patches and chevrons. The fabric is placed in a hoop, and the operator instructs the machine to make several logo repeats within the size of the working field, depending on the size of the patch. A few patches can be applied at a time. We have Italian-made material, both shrink-free and with a fine rib, which makes it possible to produce small parts in high quality, and we also have cloth, in different colours.

When working on the garments, the work goes through several additional steps. On knitted fabrics, a padding material is soldered to the garment to stabilise the fabric. If the garment has lint, a water-soluble film is used to suppress the lint. Then the thread to the thread will fit without interference and the work will look neat. There are also some nuances when working with jackets. It may be a special cut, an existing lining that needs to be stripped and sewn, or making an application through the lining by stitching through it. Embroidery on trousers is also possible, but in certain places that can be taped, all these points must be agreed before the work starts.

We work with both wholesale and retail customers!

The minimum order in our company is 10 units of embroidery! However, single orders are possible under special conditions! All information you can find out from our manager by phone:

8 (921) 902-48-20 or by post: office@zigzag-24.ru

Wholesale custom embroidery

For wholesalers we have special discounts. By ordering embroidery in bulk, you save not only your money, but also your time. We are the leaders in the Russian market for branding clothes by machine embroidery. We work only on Japanese embroidery machines. For many years we have worked with sports, football clubs, creating unique logos and different emblems on uniforms. Fabrication cost depends primarily on the size of the design. The price of an embroidery programme depends on the complexity of the design. Particularly complex patterns are determined on an individual basis. The price of the preparation includes a trial embroidery for the customer's approval, and then any corrections. The price of each order is estimated individually based on the sample sent, and a quotation is given the same day.

Our garment embroidery capabilities

We have the equipment to sew on hats. If desired, the logo can be applied to the front, sides and back of the garment. In addition to Gunold's 100% polyestera threads, we can also offer metallised threads that will play in the sun and make the garment look expensive. Equally eye-catching are threads with a light-reflecting effect. In the dark time of the day, by the light of headlights the embroidery place will be clearly highlighted. There is also a thread with the ability to accumulate daylight and give it away in the dark. Twenty-five years of experience and high quality equipment and materials enable us to do work of the highest quality. We are always open to new ideas and technologies, which allows us to stay on top of the trends!

- 10% for orders of 400 pieces or more

Our company specialises in production embroidery, so we have a vested interest in keeping our customers happy!

Cost in examples

This section provides information on working with large print runs and discounts on embroidery in bulk. For clarity we giving examples already finished logos in size and detail.

With a print run of 100 pieces or more, the customer does not have to pay for the programme. - The customer does not pay for the programme; we develop it at our company's expense. We have indicated in the table (below) the necessary time to work with different numbers of copies, and the terms of programme development are individual. On average it is 2-3 days. Sometimes it takes longer - 3-4 days (if the image is very detailed or is in a format that requires rework).

Embroidery from 5 units and in bulk 21

"4×4_gr" - the work is made in the form of a chevron. Logo size - 130×57 mm. Programme costs - 500 roubles. Patch - 153.01 rubles/each.

From 100 pieces will be the first discount - development of the programme is free of charge for the customer. From 400 pieces the price will be - 137.70 rub./unit. -10%, from 1 000 pieces - 130.05 rub./ed. - 15%. Term for 400 pieces. 2-3 days. The wholesale embroidery on clothing 1,000 pcs. - 5 working days.

Embroidery from 5 units and in bulk 22

"Bas_19" - work on a polo shirt. Programme development - 650 roubles. 1 piece - 250.41 RUB.

For 400 pieces. - 225.36 roubles/each. - 10%, print run - 1k pcs. - 212.84 rub./ed. - 15%. Time in this case will require much more since you must first prepare the product for embroidery, and after treatment. The batch of 400 pieces we need 4-5 days, 1 thousand pieces - 7-8 working days.

Embroidery from 5 units and wholesale 23

"Loko_sp" - logo on pile knitted fabric using a water-soluble pile-suppressing film. Dimensions - 270×89 mm. Programme price - 550 roubles. Price for 1 item - 463.40 roubles.

If 400 pieces - 417.06 RUB/each. - 10%, wholesale embroidery 1k pcs. - 393.89 rub./ed. Timing of production 400 pcs. - 6-7 days, the circulation of 1 thousand. pcs. - 20 working days.

Embroidery from 5 units and wholesale 24

"Vorotk" - image on a knitted cut. Size - 154×82 mm. Programme costs - 650 roubles, production costs 151.43 roubles/each.

For a print run of 400 pieces. - 136.28 roubles/each. - 10%., at 1 thousand pieces price - 128.71 rub./ed. - 15%. Work on the cut takes less time than on the products. So, to work with the circulation of 400 pcs. we need 3-4 days, 1 thousand. - 5-7 working days.

Embroidery from 5 units and wholesale 25

"5kole_s" - chevron in size 150×150 mm. Programme - 500 rubles, 1 unit - 128.44 rubles. Circulation 400 pieces. - 115.59 rub. Party of 1 thousand pcs. - 109.17 rubles/unit. Time frame for 400 pcs. 2-3 days, for 1 thousand. pcs. - 5 working days.

Embroidery from 5 units and in bulk 26

"150russ" - patch in large size - 321×81 mm. Programme - 500 roubles, embroidery - 322.05 roubles/each. The circulation of 400 pcs. - 289.84 rubles/piece, 1 thousand pieces. - 273.74 rub./ed.

Please note that we do not repair clothes!

We make patches (chevrons) and embroider on garments according to a sketch provided. If you ask us to fix a 'hole' in your garment by patting it up with something, we can't do that.

How to order

You can find detailed step-by-step instructions under "To order embroidery"!
Embroidery from 5 units and in bulk 27

Select image

First you need a sketch: what kind of image you want to embroider. Its size and shape.

Embroidery from 5 units and in bulk 28

Choose a base

The substrate (or underlying material) will determine how the product behaves when applied.

Embroidery from 5 units and in bulk 29

Call us

If you have worked out your embroidery parameters, give us a call to discuss all the details!

Based on the range of services required for your order, the price of the embroidery is calculated individually. To estimate the cost, send us a sketch of the design, the desired size, quantity (copies) and your personal recommendation for the work!

If necessary, we make chevrons. The logo on clothing can be embroidered on: cut details, T-shirts, caps, hats, etc. Please note that it is not possible to embroider on the pockets, as the item will lose its functionality.

Our yarns do not shed or fade from sunlight or washing. Your favourite pattern retains its appearance, doesn't warp and lasts longer than the product itself!

We carry out work of any complexity - on your favourite clothesto works of art on textiles for furniture factories and fashion designers.

The turnaround time will not exceed 7 days. A 50% surcharge will speed up the job and a 100% surcharge will get it done the same day.

Call us during office hours Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00 on the phone:
8 (921) 902-48-20
✆ 8 (812) 420-65-23

We are located at:

  • 18 Narva Avenue, office 401
  • 60 St. Petersburg Prospect, lit. Yu, 3rd floor