Embroidery on jackets and windbreakers

Custom embroidery on a jacket - is a very popular service with both mass corporate customers and individual fashionistas looking to embellish and ennoble their clothes with additional volumetric images and labels from leading companies. Branding outerwear, embroidering patches on jackets is a great way to underline your personality or set a corporate style for your team.

Embroidery on clothing - is the process of applying a stylised design, pattern or specific image to a fabric surface using an embroidery machine. Modern jacket application technology enables the logo to be applied to both the finished garment and the original sewing material (fabric) in the shortest possible time.

We work with both wholesale and retail customers!

The minimum order in our company is 10 units of embroidery! However, single orders are possible under special conditions! All information you can find out from our manager by phone:

✆ 8 (921) 902-48-20 or by post: ✉ office@zigzag-24.ru




The drawing is of high quality and durable


Branding as a successful advertising move


The drawing is precise and detailed


Unlike printing, the design does not fade in the sun


An embroidered design is far more durable than a print


Can be applied to different types of clothing

Embroidery options on jackets

Machine embroidery on jackets, Zig Zag Ltd.

How do we create an application on a jacket? It is a mistake to think that a picture in any format is enough to create an embroidery logo. The embroidery machine executes commands knowingly created by the programmer. And the work of the programmer is that from the layout, drawing, sketch, create a chain of those very commands, which properly performs embroidery machine. All the work is divided into two stages - the development of the logo and its application on the jacket. After the first stage, we will provide a sample and the customer can see the result before they start working on the print run.

The embroidery itself on a jacket usually goes along two main lines, 'what we put on and what for':

  • It is the application of company-specific symbols and logos to the uniforms (workwear) of their employees;
  • Stitching individual images or brand logos onto the jacket in an artistic interpretation.

The complexity, size and colour palette of the application depends only on the sketch of an image that is already ready, available in our database, or created according to individual moulds. Zig Zag accepts orders for embroidery Images of any complexity and guarantees quality work in the shortest possible time, regardless of the volume of the batch.

Custom embroidery on jackets

Machine embroidery is a functional and at the same time exclusive method that is ideal for decorating fabrics and is durable, resistant to all kinds of damage and at the same time very attractive to look at. We take orders for embroidery on ready made garments from the simplest to the most complex variants every day. This can be a simple application of a patch on clothing or development of a complex pattern without a sketch. Our modern equipment allows us to achieve high quality.

Embroidered jacket price

The most effective way to quickly find out the exact cost of fabrication is to send in an image in jpg, png, gif or webP format to us by email: office@zigzag-24.ru.

Here we would like to show you concrete examples of our work in different variants in order to clearly explain the pricing system to you.

Custom embroidery on a jacket

"Gsx_g" - order made on denim jacket in size 120x42. The cost of the programme is 500 roubles, production is 134.60 roubles/each. Work with 20 items will take 2-3 days, 100 pieces. - About 5-6 working days.

Logo on clothing

"Guding" - the work was done on outerwear, in a size of 200x120 mm. Program costs - 500 rubles, creation - 256.70 rubles / unit. With a circulation of 20 units - 2-3 days, 100 units. 5-6 days.

Embroidered image on the jacket

"Hemmoms" - The work is done on a jacket in size D-250 mm. Programme costs - 3 000 roubles, price for 1 piece - 1 200 roubles. Work with 20 pieces will take 3-4 days, 100 pieces - 7 working days.

Logo on fabric

"Inztica" - embroidery on clothing in size 113x50mm. Programme design will cost - 500p, production - 209.87p/each.
Creation of 20 pieces takes 2-3 days, 100 pieces. - from 3-4 days.

Embroidery on clothing

"Ostrov_s" - embroidered on a jacket (cotton/white), in size 200x141mm. Programme - 550r., creation of 1 unit - 230 rubles. Time to create 20pcs. - 2-3 days, 100 pcs. - 3-5 days.

Image on the jacket

"Rugby_m" - made on clothing (sports jacket), in size 46x45 mm. Programme - 700 rubles, 1 unit - 127.93 rubles. Term of manufacture of 20 pieces - 3-4 days, if 100 pieces - 5-6 working days.

How to place an order

You can consult our manager for advice. Our managers will answer you the same day and tell you the exact price and time frame. If you are having difficulty selecting a sketch, we are also here to help! You can find more detailed step-by-step instructions under "Order embroidery"!

Select image

Once you have chosen a sketch, you need to decide on its size and shape.

Choose a base

The substrate (or underlying material) will determine how the material behaves when applied.

Call us

If you have already chosen your embroidery options, give us a call to discuss all the details!

Please note that we do not repair clothes!

We make patches (chevrons) and embroider on garments according to a sketch provided. If you ask us to fix a 'hole' in your garment by patting it up with something, we can't do that.

Popular questions when ordering embroidery

Is it possible to make a large coloured embroidery on the jacket?

If there is structurally room for the logo on the product itself, it will work. For a large logo, not only do you need space, but you also need to be able to fit the product into the embroidery machine - to have a supply of fabric for seaming.

How will the cost of the entire run be affected by the fact that the jackets will be of different quality?

This must be agreed at the outset and we will make an individual programme with different parameters for each type of product. Or rather, the programme will be the same, but with different adjustments for different bases.

Can a large logo be applied to the chest section of a jacket that has a zip in the centre?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to fit such a fastener in the hoop. If you wish to sew with the right and left side overlap, this can be done before the zip is sewn into the garment.

Will it be possible to embroider on a thin mackintosh jacket?

Yes, we do this kind of work. A lot depends on the picture you want to embroider here. Thin, complex fabrics will be in gatherings when embroidered, if the logotype has many elements of lading(fully sewn in with threads). Here you need to adapt the embroidery to the product material. All this is to be discussed in person.

Is it possible to see your collective's work "live"?

Of course, you are always welcome in our offices! Show samples, clarify points of work.

How should I submit my order to speed up the embroidery process?

To do this, send us your design, preferably in a vector version, by email. Know exactly what size and where you plan to embroider the piece. Timely payment plays no small part in this process.

The main question many customers ask is: "how much will the job cost?". The price of embroidery on a jacket depends on a number of factors. First and foremost, the characteristics of the logo (the chosen design) and the garment itself on which the design is to be embroidered. No less important is the role played:

  • the number of small elements;
  • the number of colours selected;
  • places of application on fabrics;
  • timing.

All kinds of lining materials of the product itself, fasteners, sewn-in design elements, all of these can interfere with the quality of embroidery work on a garment. When consulting on the order, as a rule, there is a way out, for example, reduction-enlargement of the size, transfer to another element of the product for quality work of the machine, the option of stitching on the jacket. And if the jacket has mesh, the options of through stitching or the possibility of temporarily removing it are considered.

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