Embroidered calendars

Embroidery on a calendar
Unusual application of embroidery

Embroidered calendars

In addition to standard embroidery on clothing and other products, there are many other interesting uses for embroidery. Today, let's look at the use of embroidery for calendars. The undoubted leader of corporate New Year gifts are calendars with the company logo.

These calendars can be different in form and appearance: desk and wall calendars, with one calendar block or three, tear-off calendars or not. But they all have one thing in common - the company logo and information about the company. After all, it is not only a reminder of your company to a business partner, but also a positive contribution to brand recognition.

Has the new year passed? Not a problem. An embroidered calendar can be dedicated to any other festive occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. And instead of a company logo, you can use any other design. Everything depends on your imagination! And we are ready to turn your fantasy into embroidery!

The application can be made on the stitching and on the advertising margins between the blocks. The examples use embroidery from the production company Sig Zag and our partners Knit. All for Embroidery".

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