Artistic embroidery

Artistic embroidery on clothing - is an embroidery art that has a long history. Patterns and colour designs have been practised and multiplied over generations. It is an arts and crafts art form, where the pattern and the desired design are made by hand (with a needle) or with an embroidery machine on various fabrics, knitwear, satin, silk and many others. Embroidery design on fabrics is a service of our company that you can choose from! The experience of handicraft masters, gathered over the years, is embodied to the full at our company!

We work with both wholesale and retail customers!

The minimum order in our company is 10 units of embroidery! However, single orders are possible under special conditions! All information you can find out from our manager by phone:

✆ 8 (921) 902-48-20 or by post: ✉

Brand identity development



Customers can advertise a business


Own brand as a cost-effective move


The drawing is very detailed


State-of-the-art equipment helps to achieve quality


We only employ professionals


The ability to implement something new

Capabilities of the embroidery factory

The scope of the pattern is wide: you can embroider on curtains, bedspreads and towels to add personality and sophistication to an interior. A small embroidered element adds a unique touch to an ordinary product. We actively cooperate with designersWe successfully develop programmes based on sketches and drawings by artists. We successfully develop programmes based on sketches and drawings by artists. We take part in the restoration of interior drawings of old cabinets!

We also accept individual orders for embroidered portraits from studio photos. You send the source material to us by email and we'll discuss all the details and the style of the work. Estimate the cost of the work and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Individual orders are more time-consuming and labour-intensive, please bear this in mind when ordering.

The programme can be made from pictures taken from the internet or created by hand, which will give the piece a twist. Our experience allows us to create multi-composed work of large area. So in the PICTURES section you can see the coat of arms of Russia made up of eight independent programs. A coat of arms of this size looks very impressive on flags. Creativity has no limits!


The advantages include its distinctive appearance and high abrasion resistance. The pattern on the fabric retains its appearance for a long time, delighting with juicy colours and neat details.

The pattern is tactile, very pleasant and delicate to the touch - it will highlight your high status and taste.

Please note that we do not repair clothes!

We make patches (chevrons) and embroider on garments according to a sketch provided. If you ask us to fix a 'hole' in your garment by patting it up with something, we can't do that.

Custom embroidery artwork

Applying a logo to clothes is all about creating a brand identity, which is applied to uniforms by machine embroidery. We accept orders every day from the simplest to the most complex variants. It can be a pattern or a completely new design from scratch. Modern equipment helps us to achieve high quality and the design is long-lasting.

Cost of artistic embroidery

In this section we give the cost of our work, for an understanding of pricing.

Embroidered image

"Dragon" - the work is made for the historical cabinet chairs. Size - 157×156 mm. Programme will cost - 5 000 rubles, production - 520.63 rubles/unit. Creation of 20 pcs. time will take 3-4 days, party of 100 pcs. - 7 days.

Picture of an oak tree on fabric

"Dub_n" - created for curtains in size - 109×191 mm. Price per programme - 2500 roubles. Create 1 piece - 374.92 RUB. Production of 20 pcs. 2-3 days (100pcs - 4-5 days).

Artistic embroidery

"Kab1_08" - work on curtains, fragment (report). Size - 155×119 mm. Programme development - from 2200 rubles, embroidery - 255.07 rubles. Production of 20 pcs. - 2-3 days, party of 100 pcs. - 4-5 days.

Embroidery artwork spb

"Kabin_k" - made on curtains. Size - 148×141 mm. Programme - from 2000 rub. Creation of one image - 263.51 rubles/ed. Production of 20 pcs. - 2-3 days (100 pcs. - 4-5d.)

Embroidered image

"Korz" is an artistic embroidery on a bedspread. Size - 101×95 mm. Programme will cost - 2 500 roubles, creation of 1 piece - 174.60 roubles. Production of 20 pcs. - 2-3 days. Party of 100 pcs. 4-5 days.

A beautiful drawing in the programme

"Biruz_s" - made on a pillowcase. Size - 120×183 mm. Development prog. - 2000 rubles, the work itself - 371.67 rubles / unit. For 2-3 days we'll make 20-30 pcs. If 100 pcs. - 4 or 5 days.

How to order embroidery artwork

Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found under "How to Order"!

Select image

Once you have chosen a sketch, you must decide on the size and shape.

Choose a base

The substrate (or underlying material) will determine how the product behaves when applied.

Call us

If you have already picked out the parameters, give us a call to discuss the details!

Based on the range of services required for your order, the price of the embroidery is calculated individually. To estimate the cost, send us a sketch of the design, the desired size, quantity (copies) and your personal recommendation for the work!

If necessary, we make chevrons. The logo on clothing can be embroidered on: cut details, T-shirts, caps, hats, etc. Please note that it is not possible to embroider on the pockets, as the item will lose its functionality.

Our yarns do not shed or fade from sunlight or washing. Your favourite pattern retains its appearance, doesn't warp and lasts longer than the product itself!

We carry out work of any complexity - on your favourite clothesto works of art on textiles for furniture factories and fashion designers.

The turnaround time will not exceed 7 days. A 50% surcharge will speed up the job and a 100% surcharge will get it done the same day.

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