Embroidery on children's clothes in St Petersburg

Logo embroidery on children's clothing - one of the bespoke children's branding services at our company! We do professional embroidery on: bathrobe, plaid, outerwear, underwear and other children's clothes. Applied on children's clothing, makes the thing original and brings visual joy to the child! It's great to see children rejoicing when they see animals, flowers, butterflies and cartoon characters on their clothes!

A design is your image translated into a format that the embroidery machine can understand. Price and timing depend on the detail of your image. The price of a design for complex images is calculated individually. The design is charged once, when ordering again on a children's garment you will not have to pay for the design. If there will be several different images on the garment, each new design will be charged separately.

We work with both wholesale and retail customers!

The minimum order in our company is 5 units! However, single orders are possible under special conditions! For more information, please contact our manager by telephone:

✆ 8 (921) 902-48-20 or by post: ✉ office@zigzag-24.ru

Putting your logo on children's clothes

Custom machine embroidery, Zig Zag Ltd.

If you need a high-quality children's clothing logo or image, we can offer already developed designs, which we have in large quantities on various themes, as well as develop your own individual design. This may be a variety of ornaments, patterns or designs. For those who can't decide on an image and are looking for something unusual, our managers will help you choose an exclusive design!

  • Size. The maximum size of the embroidered logo is 36x45 cm on the back. A slightly smaller logo can be placed on a breast pocket or on the shoulder.
  • Difficulty. The number of small elements determines the complexity of the application.
  • Number of colours. There can be up to 12 different shades in one picture. We use a beautiful palette to create a beautiful picture with subtle shades.




The symbols are of high quality and last for a long time


You can embroider a colourful design, lettering, etc.


The applied embroidery is visible even from a distance


Big discounts on bulk orders


A manufactured drawing is far more durable than a print


We work with almost any garment

Features of machine embroidery on children's clothing

We take orders every day for industrial embroidery on ready-made children's fabrics, knitwear and children's clothing cuts. We use machine embroidery to apply beautiful emblems, logos for schools, kindergartens, etc. Order embroidery for funny inscriptions, festive children's drawings at the most affordable price in St. Petersburg.

Customer feedback on our work

Recommended! Ordered embroidery on t-shirts for a bachelor party, small print run of only 10 pieces, very nice that they took on such a volume, rarely do they take small wholesale. Made good, t-shirt washed a couple of times already, all in place, colour is not faded.
Sergei Ryanichev Client
Definitely yes. Proven guys, helping out more than once. Large volumes and high quality guaranteed. I work with an office on Narvskaya. Thanks to Yulia. Last time we ordered 100 T-shirts with prints. Thank you for the work you have done.
SpetsOdezhdaPro Ltd. Customer
The parents "collectively" decided that all the children should have the same uniform. We were given free advice and helped to choose a logo. The quality is excellent, no protruding threads, the logos are bright and even, and after washing they haven't changed colour or look. The guys really liked it!
Eugenia Client

Our prices

The price of embroidery on children's clothing is calculated individually, because we select a special set of services to meet your specific needs. To understand the price and the possibility of putting your design on your clothes, you need to send us an email office@zig-zag.spb.ru  sketch. Specify the size of the image, the type of fabric you want to embroider, the number of copies and your wishes. Also indicate whether we will embroider on your fabrics or on cut. Work on cut gives more scope of work, simplifies tasks and is more cost effective.

How to place an order

Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found under "Order embroidery"!

Select image

Once you have chosen a sketch, you need to decide on its size and shape.

Choose a base

The substrate (or underlying material) will determine how the product behaves when applied.

Call us

If you have already chosen the pattern, call us to discuss the details!

Please note that we do not repair clothes!

We make patches (chevrons) and embroider on garments according to a sketch provided. If you ask us to fix a 'hole' in your garment by patting it up with something, we can't do that.

Popular questions

What is the maximum embroidery size allowed?

The maximum size of the working canvas is 400×380mm. The size can be even larger, but only if the nature of the logo allows it. The smallest number of elements that make up the design is the report. When the master repeats it, the continuity of the embroidery is achieved.

What is the minimum thickness of the logo lines?

The logo lines should be slightly thicker than the needle itself - literally 1 mm. If the logo is made on lint or knitwear, the lines are thicker for aesthetics and readability.

Is embroidery on a piece more expensive than cutting work?

Yes. Working with a cut will be cheaper than working on the finished product (because it's much easier for the craftsman to work with a cut).

Do you do applique?

Yes, we do.

Do I have to have my own embroidery material?

No, you don't have to! We have dozens of lush shades of dense, fine-waisted Italian fabric! Its structure allows you to work out the smallest details! The material holds its shape for a long time and doesn't shrink.

What factors influence the price?

The size of the logo, its characteristics, its detailing. The type of product (substrate) on which the logo is to be applied is also taken into account. For materials with pile or coarse weave knits, the craftsman will need a film that suppresses irregularities.

Is it possible to get a copy of the embroidery before the print run?

Yes, this is a prerequisite for our work! The pilot sample plays the most important role and also serves as a sample for the next run.

How many samples does the minimum print run start at?

There is no added cost for quantities of 5 pieces or more. We can do single embroidery on children's clothing for a surcharge.

Is it possible to speed up work?

Yes, with an increase in order value for a 50%.

Do I have to pay for the programme when I re-apply?

No, you don't have to. The programme is only paid for once! Afterwards it is kept by us. This is a good advantage, you can sew new batches using it. All the data on the logo remains intact: design date, colours, type of fabric, changes made.