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  • The subtleties of machine embroidery
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  • Embroidery and its types
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    • Causes of defects in embroidered images
    • Openwork embroidery machine
  • Video: Richelieu embroidery machine

Embroidery is a modern revolution in the art world. Until the nineteenth century, the seamstress embroidered palm patterns on clothing and household items. Although he did not introduce the first sewing machine to embroider various patterns in France. Since then, it has taken its rightful place in the world of this craft. Today it is the most popular way to quickly and accurately create any painting on canvas. Embroidered images are a wonderful gift, because a sewing machine can accurately reproduce all the realistic images that you can't always make with your own hands. You don't need any special needle skills to work on a machine. All you need to do is buy a quality embroidery machine and learn how to set it up. If you want to create stunning pictures of the Masters on modern embroidery equipment, then you need to familiarise yourself with some of the recommendations on how to choose materials, devices and styles of work in machine embroidery. Our masterclass will help you do just that.

Choosing an embroidery machine

Embroidery sewing machines are divided into two types:

Professional (for companies)

This is high-end equipment designed for the simultaneous reproduction of multiple images. Several heads and needles are inserted into the machine, and the width of the rim to create large images. A wide variety of styles can be embroidered on this machine - beads, ropes, sequins. Professional machines are fast and high quality, but for home use they are quite expensive and cumbersome.

Machine embroidery for beginners should be started with a small domestic sewing machine. On the contrary, such a machine has a low speed and the ability to embroider only one piece at a time. In addition, a person must be in close proximity to the running machine in time to change the upper thread.

Machines for different embroidery

The available running gear of the embroidery machine is guided by the help of master embroiderers who hold the fabric hoop and send it to the rhythm of the typewriter. The technique is put to the task, but the experience of the embroiderers plays a big part in the creation of the image. The most popular is computer embroidery directly on the machine, on which the designer puts the programs. The embroidery equipment is connected to a computer, which takes the intricate patterns from the programmes, creating unique patterns and photorealistic images. With the help of computer embroidery you can create portraits, wonderful landscapes, images of animals, birds and plants. The computer programme can create the most primitive image that the human imagination is capable of.


Consumables will be needed to embroider the pattern in the sewing machines:

  • Embroidering with threads. These are chosen according to the material and the embroidery process. The most popular threads are polyester, viscose and acrylic;
  • embroidery fabric. An outline and fleece (detachable or non-detachable) are required;
  • complex patterns or based on a specific fabric require additional consumables such as thermogas, water-soluble film or adhesive spray;
  • Photo Stitch requires software that can be used to create photorealistic images for embroidery designs. Such programmes can be downloaded from the internet.


The subtleties of machine embroidery


To start, you need to fasten the fabric to the rim. The coated fabric pattern will be sewn with the sewing machine. The fabric must be very dense so that the needle can puncture the fabric accurately and the stitching is even. If the image is large, the fabric is moved to the next section until the entire pattern is embroidered. Small pieces of fabric are finished so that the rim can tightly grip the whole band of the pattern. Machine embroidery for beginners is one thing. An expert must try to work the machine without thread at minimum power, because mistakes can occur when embroidering for the first time, the needle may break and the thread may tear. To do this, place the needle ring in the machine and start pulling it out gently and slowly under power to form the needle for drawing. When the lady feels confident with the embroidery devices, then threading and full embroidery is possible.

Video: free machine embroidery

Embroidery and its types

In computer-assisted embroidery, Photo Stitch quality depends on several important factors:

  • high quality photos where the Master will complete the project;
  • the ability to work in a still image editor;
  • Selection of quality materials for the work.

The photo should be chosen with a very clear image. The foreground must be the main subject for the embroidery (people, objects, landscape), otherwise it will be difficult to remove the background during the editorial photo.
The photos then need to be processed in a computer programme. One of the best and clearest programmes is Pattern Maker. The craftsman must keep a close eye on tone changes in the system and the end result is a quality machine. Use Photostich Photo Stitch machine, that is a "realistic" embroidered image, which is obtained by very tightly fitting stitches of a certain length, oriented along the line of the pattern. Both two-colour and multi-layered yarns can be used in this technique. pictures embroidered from a photo can be sepia, monochrome or coloured. Stitching images using photostitch technology means excellent knowledge of Photoshop, Paint, Photo, CorelDRAW. Modern needleworkers often switch to machine embroidery cross stitch. The quality of the embroidered photos remains at a high level, and a professional will get the job done much faster.

Causes of defects in embroidered images

  • The hoop size is incorrect, the nonwoven fabric is not stretched properly, the yarn is stretched correctly in the machine, the embroidery needle is incorrect, the speed specified for operation, the stabilizer is incorrect;
  • Incorrect planning of stitch length changes, stitches as short as possible, high overlap stitch density;
  • Initially, careful image processing and the creation of professional pattern pages will not allow you to avoid mistakes the next time you embroider.

Delicate openwork machine embroidery in French is a slit, so the designs are very light and airy with this technique.



The openwork meringue comes in several varieties:

  • Richelieu. With or without Breeden, this pattern is closed or ironed around the fabric to be cut;
  • Banners. This lace mesh formation is obtained by contaminating the yarn in a special way;
  • Carved openwork. Place in a slotted net and sew together to form a pattern;
  • Prophetic space. Make the fabric holes in a specific sequence. The holes are then worked in with a satin roller;
  • Merge. The threads of the fabric are stretched in a certain order, and then the threads remaining on the fabric are joined as they should be in the pattern.

Openwork embroidery can be embellished with other styles, so it is often combined in different techniques. The video shows types of lace embroidery. Before you start working on a machine with lace embroidery, you need to set a certain mode. To do this, in embroidery mode, remove the fittings and feet from the bar and carry out all the necessary processes. A modern embroidery machine is capable of creating many original works. If skilled embroiderers learn to apply their skills in this needlework, they can safely recommend their work and thereby create a very successful business.

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