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Embroidering a girl with a kitten according to a scheme

Embroidering a girl with a kitten according to a scheme

Children's cross-stitch embroidery is one of the most beautiful crafts imaginable. After all, children are happiness, joy and pride, beautiful parents living only for their own good. Continuing the theme of cross-stitch embroidery, we propose to consider examples of systems depicting a girl holding hands with kittens. There is such a beautiful and fun show. There is so much warmth and love for animals in these pictures.


This programme is great for the interior of a nursery. It shows a girl with a kitten. Her pink cheeks are clearly torn, the girl is upset about something and the kitten has brought her flowers. Her sad eyes and blond hair have the pug's attention, she wants to know why she is crying. The following list of materials is needed for the work:

  • The necessary thread colours;
  • canvas;
  • hoop;
  • Needle and scissors;
  • Layout and felt-tip pen washable.

The girl and her kitten are to be embroidered in cross-stitch technique. When finished, the outlines of the stitched image are returned "to the needle". This makes some parts of the image smoother and smoother. Then rinse the fabrics with warm soapy water and a dry wringer. Place the finished work in a frame and hang it on the wall.

The diagram below shows a girl sitting in an armchair and holding a kitten in her arms. A second kitten is waiting for the same and takes her in his arms and strokes her hair. With this colour scheme, he will not only pick the right shades of thread from the key, but he will also be able to choose a colour scheme more suited to the interior.

The artists and designers have worked very hard on this picture. The thread colours match perfectly, so there is no smooth transition of lines from one colour to another. As you embroider this little girl, you may wonder how stitch by stitch a true masterpiece of children's embroidery will turn out.
It is a constant pleasure to embroider a cross for children. It is even better when they are introduced to pets. Another pattern - a girl with a kitten will be brought to you. This cute little girl is looking out the window, holding a doll in her hands. And there is a kitten sitting at her feet, probably asking for a hand.

An image of embroidery thread in several additions, two or three to be exact. To avoid getting lost in the process, crosses are already embroidered on the pattern. The finished product is also soaked in water and dried without slipping. Iron on the underside with a warm iron cloth and frame. The embroidery of the girl and her kitten in the technique section is now complete.

Embroidery diagram

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