Hand embroidery

Embroidered dress by hand according to the masterclass (photo)

Embroidered dress by hand according to the masterclass

  • How to make a stylised woman's face outfit
  • First steps
  • Dresses embroidered in Ukrainian style
  • First steps
  • Ornament scheme
  • Video: Embroidery on a T-shirt

Every fashionable woman's wardrobe must include at least one dress with embroidery, because in this season such outfits are extremely popular, especially in the case of embroidery, it will be made in Ukrainian style. Of course we can visit a fashionable boutique and buy the model you like, but we suggest you to be creative and create your own exclusive and original outfit.

How to make a stylised woman's face outfit

A variety of embroidered outfits are sure to be the hit of the season, so check out our short masterclass and sew a stylish figure on a simple cotton dress with your own hands. So, you'll need:

  • Dress up straight;
  • sketch, from which a template will be made if necessary;
  • wrapping paper (other reasonably thick paper can be used);
  • awl;
  • scissors;
  • fine abrasive;
  • chalk or lignin tooth powder;
  • The flesh is dark brown, creamy, indigo and green and rusty brown;
  • hoop;
  • needle.

First steps First, take a sheet of paper along the usual small outline, that is, a sketch of the future embroidered outfit.

Then tape the dress piece between the embroidery lines.
Note that the fleece should be slightly larger than the embroidery. If this is not done in advance, the fabric may stretch a little and the embroidery on the dress will look ugly.

Now create a template. Of course, you can do without it if you want, but it's much more convenient.
Take some wrapping paper (dotted paper, even tracing paper) and draw the outline of the embroidery on it.
Next, we need to make a piercing outline so that we can transfer our design to the dress. You can use an awl or even a regular pencil eraser with a needle in it.

The curve should then be turned over and cleaned with sandpaper. To do this, get rid of any bumps that have formed after the puncture. The photo below shows the wear and tear on the structures that have already been machined.

Then move the fabric loop on this pattern with chalk. Experienced craftsmen prefer to use unconventional chalk and alcohol and toothpaste, because in this case the pattern is not quite right.
Before you start embroidering, you will need to find the right thread colour. We have chosen:

  • the contours of the face, neck and - the colour of the skin;
  • lips, eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes are dark brown;
  • eyelids are creamy and beige;
  • The lip is a light dark orange, brown;
  • We decided to wear earrings in a dark green, grassy colour.

In addition, you will also need to lay out your embroidery technique beforehand. To create this embroidered dress, we used French knotwork, ironing and chain.
Tuck the fabric into the hoop and start the embroidery chain to stitch the outlines of the face.

Then, using the same, draw the eyebrows, the shape of the eyes and the mouth.

Two-colour embroidery is then used to embroider the shadows on the eyelids.

Smooth surface in 3 colours, we will also need to embroider the lips as well. But we will make their light orange outline with a chain stitch.
Now 'create' the eyelashes (chain stitch) and the earrings. Note that some of the points on the earrings are made with French knots.

Next you will need to draw a hair loop as in this picture.

Of course, you can embroider the hair by hand, but you can do it much quicker with a machine, and the fishing line will make it smoother.

When the embroidered dress is finished, you can admire the end result.

Dresses embroidered in Ukrainian style

All embroidered dresses are now at the peak of popularity. But among them there are its undeniable "leaders", which are in great demand due to the fact that they attract attention by their brightness, originality and "freshness" - embroidered dresses in Ukrainian style! In general it is worth noting that recently the clothes with embroidery in the Ukrainian style are very popular, and demand for them is growing day by day. Dresses made in Ukrainian style are not an exception, their distinctive feature is colour, richness and, at the same time, simplicity.

Yes, to make a Ukrainian-style dress you will need:

  • white dress;
  • embroidery schemes;
  • threads in different colours;
  • scissors;
  • hoop;
  • needles;
  • Ribbon.

It's worth noting that dresses made in the Ukrainian style are characterised by voluminous sleeves, corset pleats, the presence of braid, and the so-called 'poppy motifs'. That's why we offer you a programme for cross-stitching poppies, with the help of which you can decorate ordinary linen dresses.

For beginners, we advise the self-dissolving master to use water as a canvas, embroider the desired programme on it, and remove it easily from the product. Bear in mind that it is essential to check the quality of the yarn before embroidering, so that they are not stained by fabric products later on. It's also worth noting that not only can poppies be embroidered on the board, but also with ribbons. A striking example is the photo which shows an outfit decorated with poppies and satin ribbons.

The children's dress model is also made in the Ukrainian style. To create such a beautiful dress, you can watch a short video that explains how to make it. As a rule, ribbon embroidery for a dress does not take much time. The hardest part is to be the first florists, so that you can then 'get your hands on' and finish the work quickly.
An embroidered dress with poppies will look quite unusual and quite original if the photo is of them embroidered. Here is a sketch of a small perimeter that we can embroider a red poppy on.

The embroidered base is embroidered with the first petal.

He then heads towards the city centre, still embroidered.

Without changing the existing system, sew on the second petal.

Then use red-pink thread to make the curve of the petals and dark red thread to make the bottom.

Then embroider along the black section of the thread, moving along the perimeter.

The poppy heart is a simple space.

And in the centre, there is 'traffic' on the perimeter again.

Then recreate the remaining petals using the same embroidery pattern as at the beginning.

Next, we need to sew the leaves in two directions according to our diagram.

Then using a post joint we will have to make the cuttings.

Embroidered dresses of these chic bright red poppies will look very elegant and stylish.

Ornament scheme

In addition, embroidered dresses made in Ukrainian style can also be embellished with a variety of ornaments. Here is a cross embroidery scheme to help you recreate unique patterns on your dresses.

These flowers can adorn a corset or collar of an outfit.

Embroidered dressing is a fascinating activity that not only allows you to show your imagination, but also to diversify your wardrobe. The original bright motifs and unusual patterns will help transform even the simplest outfit and turn it into an exclusive original model.

Video: Embroidery on a T-shirt

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