Branded embroidery

Branded embroidery 1

Creating branded embroidery

Creating a branded product? Do you want to launch a new brand? We can help you do that. We do machine embroidery, so you don't have to worry about branding.

The buyer in 90% prefers companies that they have heard something about to an unknown product. Therefore, many people try to improve their reputation, and promote their logo and their brand. Hence the importance of corporate identity. Any organisation should think about creating its own uniform and logo. Of course, more often than not, we notice such garish details (logos, badges, clothing, flags) at presentations and points of sale of this or that organisation.

This is where we come in. Logo embroidery on clothing is our main service. We quickly sew the required batch of your logo and deliver it to you!

If you compare other methods of imprinting the logo on clothing, their disadvantages will be noticeable after the first wash, but with machine embroidery there are no such problems.

#blinochkin An innovative product under the Blinochkin brand.

It tastes better together!

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