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Laser cut chevrons

When the chevron embroidery is finished, it needs to be trimmed precisely along the edge. In many embroidery businesses, finished chevrons are still cut by hand with scissors in the old-fashioned way. This is how we do it too. But sometimes we have larger quantities to cut, or else we need a cut that is too far away for the scissors. That's where the laser comes in! It significantly improves the appearance. The edge of the chevron does not crumble, thanks to laser cutting, the edge of the fabric is fused.

Chevron embroidery

The laser cut is performed after the chevron has been made; the fabric is cut through with the laser together with the fleece. The fabric should melt easily. The best result is achieved when thermal foil can be used on the reverse side.

Richelieu embroidery

When embroidering ricochet, the cutting is done in a different sequence. First the holes are cut on the fabric, then they are trimmed with the embroidery machine.

We aim to keep up with the times, and have developed our own laser system. In the short video below, you can see how it works.

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