Computer embroidery on clothing in St Petersburg

Computer embroidery to order - is a service provided by Zig Zag Ltd. in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region with delivery throughout Russia. Batch production takes from 4 days (unless it is an urgent job). After ordering you will receive high quality logo embroidery, patches on overalls, T-shirts, T-shirts, caps, baseball caps. Our experience - more than 25 years! Our goal is to help you realise an idea and create a unique image with our embroidery equipment and experience in the field!

Your design will be created according to your sketch unique program, we will make a sample for approval. We produce designs on all kinds of articles, cut-outs and other materials, logos, patches, emblems, various souvenirs, etc.

We work with both wholesale and retail customers!

The minimum order in our company is 10 units of embroidery! However, single orders are possible under special conditions! All information you can find out from our manager by phone:

8 (921) 902-48-20 or by post:

Custom embroidery



The pattern does not burn out and is very durable


Brand promotion as a successful publicity move


The pattern is clear and detailed


No fading, no crumbling, washable and ironable


Payment is no longer required for repeat orders


Help in creating a drawing if there is no pattern

Our customers

Our main customers are - are companies that are involved in the tailoring and operation of workwear and staff uniforms. In this case, the logo or patch serves to brand the company and personalise it (for example: "Senior foreman Ivanov A. A."). This is relevant for small companies as well as for large enterprises. And we also work with design ateliers that develop designs for interiors - drapes, pouffes, cushions upholstery furniture.


  • Durability. The yarns are treated with durable impregnation, they do not shed when washed and do not fade in the sun.
  • Safety for your clothes. The machine does not deform the fabric in any way and you can even work on fragile silk - the material remains intact.
  • Colourful and stylish. We use a wide range of threads in different colours. Chevrons and patches are very bright, with beautiful shades of colour. The machine also allows us to add small details to the picture.
  • Neatness. The machine is error-free. The application is very accurate: not a single cross is out of place.

Popular questions

What is the maximum size of the picture possible?

The maximum size of the working field is 400×380mm. The drawing can be larger (provided the nature of the logo allows it). The figure forms the smallest number of elements - the so-called report. By repeating it, continuity is achieved.

What is the minimum size and thickness of the line?

The logo lines are always slightly thicker than the needle itself, about 1 mm. If the logo is embroidered on lint or knitwear, the lines are made thicker, both for the artistic look and for better readability.

Why is embroidery on a piece more expensive than cutting work?

It is cheaper to work on a cut, because it is more convenient for the craftsman to work with one piece of fabric.

Do you need your own material to work with?

We have a large range of Italian-made fine ribbed fabrics (over a dozen stylish shades!) The advantage of our fabrics is that they hold their shape for a long time, do not burn out and do not shrink during use.

What factors influence the price?

The price depends on the size of the logo and its detailing. The substrate (on which the logo is applied) plays an important role. When working with materials that have tufted or coarse weave knits, a film is used that smoothes out these irregularities.

How do I get a copy before I start making a batch?

A pilot sample is one of the most important conditions when embroidering a batch. It will later serve as a sample for the entire run! A sample is essential at all stages of embroidery.

Minimum order per print run?

The craftsman will do a single embroidery for an additional charge. The print run starts from 5 pieces (no extra charge).

Do I have to pay for the programme when I reapply?

No! It is enough to pay for the programme once and keep it with us. You will then be able to order new print runs with it. You will also be able to see all the data on it when you reapply: development date, palette, fabric type.

Custom computer embroidery

We take orders for embroidery, logo embroidery, patches and chevrons every day. We take both small orders, as well as for wholesale. Computer (machine) embroidery is made on modern embroidery machines, controlled by computer, which have a wide range of colours threads. Thanks to these solutions, your employees' corporate clothing will gain elegance.

Cost in examples

Here we give the price and logo examples to understand the pricing: dimensions, complexity, programme development, how long a batch of patches will be made.

Computer embroidery 21

"Factor" - made on a T-shirt in size 79×23 mm. The cost of the programme is 500 roubles. The price of the product - 61 rubles. Timing of the embroidery program for 2-3 days. Party of 20 pc. - 2-3dn., from 100 pc. - 3-4dn.

Computer embroidery 22

"Fallout" chevron on sleeve. Size 40×130mm. Price - 500 rubles. Patch - 113.04 rub./ed. Program development - 2-3 days. Products in count of 20 pcs. - 1-2 days. Order of 100 pcs. - 1-2 days.

Computer embroidery 23

"Fan_Fan" - made on cloak fabric with synthetic fibre, size - 200×50 mm. Programme costs - 550 roubles. Patch - 136.95 rubles / unit. Program development on the customer's material 2-3 days. Manufacture of party of 20 pcs. - 2-3 days, 100 pcs. - 3-4 days.

Computer embroidery 24

"Fantoms" - drawing in size 116×90 mm. Programme costs - 550 roubles, product itself - 195.58 roubles/piece. Programme development - 2-3 days. batch of 20 pcs. - 1-2 days, 100 pcs. - 3-4 days.

Computer embroidery 25

"Fardo_s" - patch in size 280×100 mm. Programme - 500 roubles. Work - 325.89 rubles/each. When ordering 20 pcs. 2-3 days, 100 pcs. - 3-4 days.

Computer embroidery 26

"Fashi" - made on a hoodie, size 299×28 mm. Programme price - 300 roubles. Item price - 180.01 rubles/each. From 20 pieces. - 2-3 days, 100 pcs. - 4-5 days.

How to order

You can order on our website by sending us an email with a sketch, size and number of pieces. We will reply to you as we calculate the cost of your order. Our team will create embroidery software to your design. We can handle both single orders and large runs. Patterns can be made on your fabric, product, or on those fabrics we have in stock in the collection. To place your order you will need:

Computer embroidery 27

Select image

You have to choose a sketch: what image you want to embroider. Its size and shape.

Computer embroidery 28

Choose a base

The substrate (or underlying material) will determine how the applied pattern behaves when applied.

Computer embroidery 29

Call us

If you have already chosen your embroidery options, give us a call to discuss all the details!

Please note that we do not repair clothes!

We make patches (chevrons) and embroider on garments according to a sketch provided. If you ask us to fix a 'hole' in your garment by patting it up with something, we can't do that.

A detailed discussion of all the details, design cost will depend directly on the complexity of the fine detailing. You pay for the design once, i.e. when you need to reapply the logo to the same design. But this is on the condition that one image is applied to one product! If there is more than one image (and the product is one), each one is charged separately.

Maximum image size - 36×45 cm. If a larger scale painting is required, our craftsmen use the stitching method. This helps to create a picture that is 2 metres in size! Here we draw your attention to the font. The optimal size should not be less than 4 mm. Otherwise, the lettering will not look aesthetically pleasing and will not be legible.

Our company will solve all your problems! Ateliers and fashion designers, furniture factories and design studios, simply a nice gift or piece of home decor - we will help every customer to realise their bold ideas!

On weekdays, we answer within 20 minutes. Turnaround time is between 4 - 7 days. With 100% extra charge, our craftsmen will do the job the same day!

Do you do appliqué too?

Yes, we do.

How can I reduce the deadline?

With a surcharge of 50% on the entire order.