Machine embroidery of a bespoke cockade

Cockade- A ribbon folded in gatherings, a braid gathered in a circle and so on, later a special metal or cloth sign on a headdress, which we see on the headdresses of police and military officers. The round, oval, sometimes quite bizarrely shaped emblems signify their affiliation.

As of today, cockade - is an important element of any wardrobe. In addition to its decorative functions, it also carries a semantic meaning. This element of the wardrobe can be used to identify the owner's affiliation to a state, party or community. The pentagram symbolizes protection and perfection and is a talisman of sorts. Each detail of the distinctive sign of headwear is thought out in detail. Cockade carries in itself the inherent information. This detail is not just a decoration but a full-fledged symbol of something.

Our company has been periodically placing orders for various kinds and types of cockades for many years. They are made on fabrics, as a rule, these are cloth. Metal elements can be imitated by metallised gold and silver threads. The cockade is made in the form of a chevron and then attached to the product. In this section, you can see some of our work with this type of logo, with a price list for reference.

Customised cockades



From the first actions to the result in the target


Own brand as an effective publicity move


The drawing is detailed


Work takes place on modern equipment


We only employ experienced professionals


Always help to create something new from scratch

We work with both wholesale and retail customers!

The minimum order in our company is 10 units of embroidery! However, single orders are possible under special conditions! All information you can find out from our manager by phone:

8 (921) 902-48-20 or by post:

Custom cockade

Zig Zag Ltd. is the leading company on the Russian market. Based on average data, production in other companies would be about a week. We can do the job from 1-4 days. You will get a high quality at a price of conventional embroidery. Every day we get a variety of requests for the manufacture of headgear, ending with more rare options for the security forces. Email or call us and our team will quickly find the right solution and set a deadline.

Our team has great advantages, our customers benefit from the following additional advantages: fast development of the product programme. The programme is retained by the customer, and there is no need to pay for its creation when they come back.

What kind of cockades do we make?

Practically any kind! In essence, it's the usual chevron productionThe prints are made using modern machines and are applied to dense fabrics. The picture is bright and juicy. Our orders come mainly from the military, law enforcement agencies, lovers of classics and rarities, sailors, etc. Cockade is a very cool attribute on the headgear that will emphasize your individual style.

Production of cockade 21


You can order a cockade for the Russian Navy from us.

Production of cockade 21


Machine embroidery of the MIA cockade on headwear.

Production of cockade 21


New EMERCOM cockade on headwear.

Production of cockade 21


You can order a Rosgvardia badge for your cap or hat.

Production of cockade 21

Russian Army

We embroider cockades for enlisted and officer personnel.

Production of cockade 21


Production of a Soviet cockade according to your sketch.

How much does a cockade cost

It is made by chevron with subsequent attachment to the products. In this section, you can see some of our work with this type of logo, with a quote for reference. The price will depend on the size and complexity of the image, the urgency and your personal wishes.

Production of cockade 27

"Codi-k". Made on black cloth, with silk threads, in size - 74x48mm. The cost of the program - 500r. Cost - 165.48p./ed. Production of 20 pcs. - 2-3 days, the period for 100 pcs. - 3-4 days.

Production of cockade 28

"K-lavr". Manufactured on dark blue cloth, in size - 104x39mm. Programme costs - 500r., Price - 82.91r./ed. The time for the manufacture of 20 pieces. - 2-3 days, the Term of 100 pieces. - 3-4 days.

Production of cockade 29

"Kok_t_a". Black cloth, metallised (lurex) threads. Size - 100×65 mm. The cost of the program - 600 rubles, one product costs - 177.56 rubles / unit. Party of 20 pc. 2-3 days, 100 pcs. - From 3 days.

Production of cockade 30

"Kokan50. Black cloth in size - 55x58 mm. Programme cost - 600 roubles, cost - 118.09 roubles/each. Creating a batch of 20 pieces. - 2-3 days, if 100 pieces - 3-4 days.

Production of cockade 31

"Pulks". Produced on dark blue cloth, size - 100x34 mm. Programme cost - 500 roubles, creation of 1 item - 133.40 roubles/piece. Making 100 pieces. - 3-4dn., Party of 1 000 pc. - 5-6 Rab. Days.

Production of cockade 32

"Tat". Executed on black cloth, in size 54x34 mm. Programme costs - from 500 rubles, Price - 55.66 rubles/ed. This logo uses gold thread (lurex). The development of 100 pcs. - 2-3 days, production of 1 000 pcs. - 5 Rab. days.

The benefits of machine embroidery

The advantage of machine embroidery is obvious:

  • A perfectly placed stitch.
  • All the copies are of the same quality.
  • Speed of production of the print run.

Not least of these is the price. The operation of the machine is cheaper than handmade and with no loss of quality at the end of the job. The logo is printed on the fabric in a short time.

For advice If you have any questions, simply contact our managers on the telephone numbers given, or make an appointment at one of our offices. For your convenience, it is advisable to agree a suitable time in advance.

Maximum size The size of 450 x 300 mm is possible, provided the needle does not have a seam or other seal in its path which the needle cannot cope with. It is also possible to make the fabrication on the sleeve in the upper part and on the trouser leg in the upper part. Not all areas of the finished product can be hooped. But if you place an order in a cut, there are no limits to what you can do.

Our partners We have a large workwear and specialist clothing business, as well as very small, start-up companies. We successfully cooperate with creative people in completely different fields of activity. Contact us for advice and consultation and we will be pleased to familiarise you with all questions regarding your order and our work.

Can I choose a cockade from your catalogue?

As a rule, every logo on a garment has its own customer and it will not be possible to sew an already working version. We exhibit the work and guide you through the prices, as an example.

Can I order a cockade with a sticky tape?

Yes, we can sell you a ribbon shaped like a logo.

Please note that we do not repair clothes!

We make patches (chevrons) and embroider on garments according to a sketch provided. If you ask us to fix a 'hole' in your garment by patting it up with something, we can't do that.

How to order

You can consult our manager for advice. If you are having trouble selecting a design, we are also here to help! You can find more detailed step-by-step instructions under "Order embroidery"!

Production of cockade 33

Select image

Once you have chosen a sketch, you need to decide on its size and shape.

Production of cockade 34

Choose a base

The substrate (or underlying material) will determine how the product behaves when applied.

Production of cockade 35

Call us

If you've already picked out all the options, give us a call to discuss the details!

Popular questions

Is it possible to make a logo with a shaped cut-out?

Yes, it is possible. With these requirements, in rabrtu the laser unit is switched on and will trim the edge according to pre-set parameters.

Is it possible to shorten the lead time?

Yes, you can, you have to pay 50% of the order price.

Is embroidery on the cockade product itself possible?

As a rule, no. If the cap is already finished, it simply cannot be put into the equipment. But, if the cap is in the blanking stage, we can embroider on the cut.

Is a handwritten drawing all right?

Not every drawing can be the basis for the work. There must be a clear image, with well-drawn details.